Toy Factory Lofts

43 Hanna Avenue

  • Welcome to Toy Factory Lofts

    Located at 43 Hanna Ave

  • Features of the Toy Factory Lofts:

    215 gorgeous loft suites

    Ranging in size from 689 sq.ft. to 2,120 sq.ft

    High ceilings that vary from 9’6″ to 16″

  • Equipped Fitness Centre

    Premium Business Centre

    Bicycle lockers… and more

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Toy Factory Lofts – Property Details
Address: 43 Hanna Ave  City: Toronto
Liberty St and Hanna Ave. (Map and Street View)
Liberty Village
Date Completed: 
# of Units:
# of stories:

Toy Factory Lofts at 43 Hanna AvenueProperty Description

Remember when you were 10 and the thought of living in a toy factory was the ultimate dream? And remember how the idea of living in a loft was the most artsy thing you could do? Well, here’s your chance.

Take a look at the Toy Factory Lofts located at 43 Hanna Avenue in the chic and creative Liberty Village.

Before we get into the specifics of the Toy Factory Lofts, it’s important to understand what the differences are between a loft and a condominium. The most important difference is the zoning; condominiums are strictly zoned as residential buildings whereas lofts are zoned as live/work. If you’re considering investing in property, consider investing in condominiums or lofts as they are appreciating quicker than single-family detached homes.

So now that you know the main difference, let’s take a closer look at the Toy Factory Lofts in the heart of Liberty Village.

The former Irwin Toy Factory has been converted into 215 residential loft units. The open plan concept provides a sleek and fluid feel to the space. Creating a unit that exudes space, air and light appeals to the natural instincts of potential buyers. The large windows, retaining the warehouse look, provide an abundance of natural light with a breathtaking night view of the city’s lights.

It’s not an unusual concept, especially in Liberty Village, to have an old building converted into a residential space. Liberty Village was designed to incorporate and maintain its historic roots through the restoration of historic sites in the neighbourhood.

Liberty Village is setting the standards for residential and retail space. A neighbourhood that combines high-rise condominiums, mid-rise buildings, and townhomes with retail spaces for cafes, restaurants, shops and cultural places such as art galleries and offices for work is definitely one to take a look at.

The rustic exterior of the old factory is a contrast to the modern interior finishes. But that’s just a part of the beauty. If you’re interested in purchasing a Toy Factory Loft, whether for investment or as a home, get in touch with me now by emailing or calling 416.844.0552.



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