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Tips for Creating a Zero-Waste Home

Creating a zero-waste home can actually be a reality for anyone who is ready to learn how to do so. When you reduce your garbage, you live a lighter and simpler life. You maximize the use of your living space. Your cupboards and drawers and other storage spaces in your home are uncluttered and you can be a truly environmental friendly citizen on planet earth. In this post, we will be discussing how to actually live a garbage free life. We’ll be taking a cue from an interestingly strange family that produces just two handfuls of garbage throughout the year.

The Kitchen

There are a couple of things you can do to eliminate garbage from your kitchen.

Here are some very useful tips:

* When you visit the grocery store, go with jars that can contain bulk snack purchases and any other pantry supplies.

* Do away with packaging in your refrigerator by shopping with canvas totes, fabric bags and glass jars. You may also return containers to receive a deposit. To avoid bringing cheese rappers home, buy your cheese when it is cut.

* To avoid having packages in your deep freezer, buy your bread in dozens from your grocer, bring them in with a pillowcase and transfer them to your freezer.

* To reduce the occurrence of cluttered drawers, minimize the number of cooking equipment and buy more multi-purpose appliances.

The Play room

In your children’s playroom, place four bins to accommodate toys. Then obey this simple rule: if the kids want a new toy, it must fit into one of the bins.

To prevent toys from littering the house, immediately your kids outgrow a toy, donate it, sell it and present to someone’s child as a gift.

The Bathroom

Get one cabinet that will hold all the toiletries for the whole family. Instead of using Q-tips, cotton buds or tissue paper, use a handkerchief as a substitute. Buy toilet paper that is wrapped in paper rather than plastic.

To do away with packaging in your bathroom, you can make your own homemade multi-purpose cleaning soap. Just mix one and a half teaspoons of castile soap with 3 teaspoons of white vinegar and add four cups of water. To stop old toothbrushes from turning into garbage, you can order for a compostable toothbrush online and be truly eco-friendly.

The Closets

To eliminate garbage from your closets, do your shopping only two times a year. When you shop, simply focus on replacing items that have become stained, outgrown or worn out.

To avoid having a wardrobe that is bulging out, let every family member have a pre-set number of clothing items. For instance, a mother could decide to have exactly six pairs of footwear, 2 skirts, seven tops and seven pants. The father may also have a similar number of tops, pants and shoes. Each child’s clothing may be pegged at three pairs of shoes, four pants, seven casual tops and one dress shirt. You don’t have to be as conservative as this but the idea is to ensure that you set limits on how many clothing items each family member will have per time.

Those are some insightful tips on creating a zero-waste home. If you really desire to reduce or eliminate garbage in your home then you should review these tips and start applying them in your home.