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How Condo Appliances Are Being Transformed to Suit Condo Owners

Condo appliances are now being re-designed to fit the needs and tastes of modern condo owners. Appliances such as refrigerator, microwave ovens, dishwashers and laundry machines are all being re-modelled to be more efficient and compact.

One of the major reasons for this new trend in condo appliances is the rise in the prices and increase in demand for new condominiums. In addition to young professionals, much older seniors and retirees are now opting for higher priced condos.

Consequently, prospective condo dwellers want modern, compact, trendy and attractive appliances in their kitchens and their bathrooms. They are also ready to pay a premium to get them fitted. In this post, we will be looking at some of the condo appliances that are being re-created to suit the taste and needs of condo owners.

Quieter Dishwashers

Dishwashers that are currently being installed in condos make less noise than their predecessors. This is because users need to be able to put them on and watch TV or sleep without being disturbed by the noise. Studies have shown that people no longer equate space in the home with luxury. When it comes to condos, bigger is seldom better. Condo owners, in particular, prefer to focus on comfort and convenience.

Compact Kitchen Appliances

Most new kitchen appliances are being built to fit into smaller compartments and cabinetry. For example, there are now new sub-zero fridges combined with small microwave ovens that are fitted with hood-fans to free up counter space. Along with this, expert kitchen designers are consulted by condo developers to create exotic compact kitchen layouts that maximize every inch of space available.

Unique Laundry Appliances

Another set of condo appliances that are being upgraded in most condos are laundry gadgets. It has been observed in recent studies that most would-be buyers expect to have in built laundry appliances. For example, stacked washing machines and dryers are becoming more and more common. Some are as small as 24 inches in width and they have a front-loading feature that helps to conserve water.

Water-Filtration Systems

In every home, it is very important to have portable water (at the desired temperature) within easy reach. That is why condo developers have made efforts to take off the burden of lifting heavy recyclable multi-litre water bottles, when water coolers run dry. This is being achieved by installing water filtration systems that use reverse-osmosis technology. These systems are added to the kitchen sink and they have attractive chrome or black taps. They save a lot of valuable space and they eliminate the need to keep a stack of big water jugs. With this new design, residents can easily have access to cold or hot water at all times.

Gas Lines for Barbeque

Condo owners can now use their balconies and patios for barbeque and small family entertainment. The gas lines that are now being installed in most condos make it easy to connect modern barbeque grills and enjoy a nice family gathering in the evening.

Those are some of the condo appliances that being changed in-line with new trends in condo ownership. These appliances are being redesigned to suit the taste of new condo buyers and enhance comfort and convenience.