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Tips for Creating a Zero-Waste Home

Creating a zero-waste home can actually be a reality for anyone who is ready to learn how to do so. When you reduce your garbage, you live a lighter and simpler life. You maximize the use of your living space. Your cupboards and drawers and other storage spaces in your home are uncluttered and you can be a truly environmental friendly citizen on planet earth. In this post, we will be discussing how to actually live a garbage free life. We’ll be taking a cue from an interestingly strange family that produces just two handfuls of garbage throughout the year.

The Kitchen

There are a couple of things you can do to eliminate garbage from your kitchen.

Here are some very useful tips:

* When you visit the grocery store, go with jars that can contain bulk snack purchases and any other pantry supplies.

* Do away with packaging in your refrigerator by shopping with canvas totes, fabric bags and glass jars. You may also return containers to receive a deposit. To avoid bringing cheese rappers home, buy your cheese when it is cut.

* To avoid having packages in your deep freezer, buy your bread in dozens from your grocer, bring them in with a pillowcase and transfer them to your freezer.

* To reduce the occurrence of cluttered drawers, minimize the number of cooking equipment and buy more multi-purpose appliances.

The Play room

In your children’s playroom, place four bins to accommodate toys. Then obey this simple rule: if the kids want a new toy, it must fit into one of the bins.

To prevent toys from littering the house, immediately your kids outgrow a toy, donate it, sell it and present to someone’s child as a gift.

The Bathroom

Get one cabinet that will hold all the toiletries for the whole family. Instead of using Q-tips, cotton buds or tissue paper, use a handkerchief as a substitute. Buy toilet paper that is wrapped in paper rather than plastic.

To do away with packaging in your bathroom, you can make your own homemade multi-purpose cleaning soap. Just mix one and a half teaspoons of castile soap with 3 teaspoons of white vinegar and add four cups of water. To stop old toothbrushes from turning into garbage, you can order for a compostable toothbrush online and be truly eco-friendly.

The Closets

To eliminate garbage from your closets, do your shopping only two times a year. When you shop, simply focus on replacing items that have become stained, outgrown or worn out.

To avoid having a wardrobe that is bulging out, let every family member have a pre-set number of clothing items. For instance, a mother could decide to have exactly six pairs of footwear, 2 skirts, seven tops and seven pants. The father may also have a similar number of tops, pants and shoes. Each child’s clothing may be pegged at three pairs of shoes, four pants, seven casual tops and one dress shirt. You don’t have to be as conservative as this but the idea is to ensure that you set limits on how many clothing items each family member will have per time.

Those are some insightful tips on creating a zero-waste home. If you really desire to reduce or eliminate garbage in your home then you should review these tips and start applying them in your home.

Stylish Home Organization

If you want to give your entire home a facelift and make it look really neat and tidy, you need to pay attention to the home organization tips in this article. We will be sharing very stunning and inspiring ideas that will help you to tackle your bedroom, home office and your bookshelves with considerable ease. As you read this article, you will discover how to give your home a truly unique makeover that could even make your home an inspiration to other friends, relatives and neighbours.

1. Organize Your Bedside Table

Practise keeping your bedroom clutter away by placing a small bedside table close to the wall. Once you master this habit, you will sleep more peacefully everyday.

2. Organize the Drawers in Your Bedside Table

Put nice little bowls and attractive teacups in the drawers of your dresser. They will serve as really stylish dividers and they are great for storing little items like earrings and necklaces.

3. Create Stylish Surface Storage on Your Bedside Table

Put your keepsake jewellery in a glass jar and place it on top of your dresser or bedside table.

4. Store Your Throws and Pillows

Quickly pick up your nice decorative throws and pillows from the floor and place them right inside an open shelf that can easily accommodate them at night.

5. Organize Your Bookshelves

Create an attractive balance within your bookshelf by placing some decorative objects along with your books.

6. Stack up Your Decorative Boxes

Store your letters and photos in nice colourful boxes and stack them up on shelves.

7. Store Keepsakes

Use glass jars to display your unique collection of treasures such as shells from vacations, souvenirs and other similar items.

8. Display Colourful Book Covers Using Dividers

Display some of your most colourful books using clear dividers. When you do this, you should consider the artwork on the cover and choose what will really fit the style of the shelf.

9. Use Decorative Boxes

Place odds and ends inside attractive decorative boxes so that they appear clean and neat on your shelves.

10. Keep Your Magazines Handy

Use clear holders to ensure that you can easily pick out your favourite old editions.

11. Decorate with Stacked Boxes

Use well stacked boxes to conceal a lot of clutter. Stack your colourful boxes in a truly appealing way.

12. Organize Your Desk

Design a unique home office that displays your creativity and allows you to maintain some order in the home.

13. Use Decorative Dishes

You should place a number of attractive small dishes on your dresser or bedside table to empty your pockets in an orderly way before going to bed.

14. Create Small Compartments on Your Surface Space

Use a decorative tray to group items that you place on a desk. You can also use stacked trays to keep paper clamps and push pins.

15. Use Boxes That Have Dividers

Dividers help to remove clutter from storage boxes. They make it easy for you have a place for everything.

16. Pin It Up

Use corkboards to create a rotating display of photos and postcards.

17. Store Awkward Items Stylishly

Display beautiful wrapping paper inside a tall glass vase.

18. Be Creative with Your Storage Solutions

Be pragmatic and store your magazines inside a stylish basket or bucket. Then place it right under your desk.

Those are some stylish ways of improving your home organization. Read them again and start practicing them today.

Excellent Amenities Promote Condos As Healthy Lifestyle Choice

When considering the choice of a condo, would-be buyers now take their health and fitness into consideration. There are several amenities that can attract prospective condo owners who want to live an active and healthy life. For instance, a fitness facility within the complex, proximity to city walk ways and bike paths, swimming pools, game rooms and DIY vocational facilities. In this post, we will be examining some of these amenities and how they promote condos as healthy lifestyle choice.

Fitness Facilities

A gym or exercise facility equipped with treadmills, weights and other gadgets used to do body building and keep fit, can make a condo very attractive to buyers. Condo dwellers don’t need to drive for miles to get to the nearest gym. They simply take a few steps out of their suite and they can get practice a healthy exercise routine.

Proximity to Walkways

Amenities that will help to keep residents very active are now a must for most would-be buyers. In fact, medical experts believe that it is much better to be in a place where physical activity can be worked into your daily routine. This is better than striving to do exercises that may be very inconvenient to keep up with. In other words, it is easier for most people to keep fit by taking a normal daily walk than proposing to do several other more strenuous aerobic exercises.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools that are within the complex can play a significant role in keeping people fit and healthy. In fact, a swimming pool can serve as a means of recreation for all residents regardless of their age. Many family events are regularly scheduled to take place around the pool on weekends.

Game Rooms

In addition to swimming pools, game rooms also attract a lot of condo buyers. A typical condo game room will be equipped with snooker/billiard boards, board games like Scrabble, darts and modern electronic video games. Most condo developers try to meet the needs of all ages, from kids to grannies, when equipping their game rooms.

DIY Vocational and Training Facilities

Apart from physical activities, other amenities that promote the use of the brain and natural talents can bring residents together and keep them active. For instance, a wood shop can bring male residents together. Those who have graphic arts talents can come together to improve their skills under the watchful eyes of an art instructor. Women could also gather together in a party room on weekends to take weekly aquacize classes.

In addition, some condo developers promote activity by motivating residents to really get involved and be volunteers for condo social gatherings. This method has been quite successful because once residents with common interests get together, they can form groups that keep them active for a long time to come.

In this post, we have looked at how condo amenities can promote condos as healthy lifestyle choice. Would-be condo buyers now carefully consider fitness facilities, closeness to walkways and recreational parks. They prefer condos that can keep them active by providing swimming pools, game rooms and do-it-yourself facilities like a wood working shop.

How Condo Appliances Are Being Transformed to Suit Condo Owners

Condo appliances are now being re-designed to fit the needs and tastes of modern condo owners. Appliances such as refrigerator, microwave ovens, dishwashers and laundry machines are all being re-modelled to be more efficient and compact.

One of the major reasons for this new trend in condo appliances is the rise in the prices and increase in demand for new condominiums. In addition to young professionals, much older seniors and retirees are now opting for higher priced condos.

Consequently, prospective condo dwellers want modern, compact, trendy and attractive appliances in their kitchens and their bathrooms. They are also ready to pay a premium to get them fitted. In this post, we will be looking at some of the condo appliances that are being re-created to suit the taste and needs of condo owners.

Quieter Dishwashers

Dishwashers that are currently being installed in condos make less noise than their predecessors. This is because users need to be able to put them on and watch TV or sleep without being disturbed by the noise. Studies have shown that people no longer equate space in the home with luxury. When it comes to condos, bigger is seldom better. Condo owners, in particular, prefer to focus on comfort and convenience.

Compact Kitchen Appliances

Most new kitchen appliances are being built to fit into smaller compartments and cabinetry. For example, there are now new sub-zero fridges combined with small microwave ovens that are fitted with hood-fans to free up counter space. Along with this, expert kitchen designers are consulted by condo developers to create exotic compact kitchen layouts that maximize every inch of space available.

Unique Laundry Appliances

Another set of condo appliances that are being upgraded in most condos are laundry gadgets. It has been observed in recent studies that most would-be buyers expect to have in built laundry appliances. For example, stacked washing machines and dryers are becoming more and more common. Some are as small as 24 inches in width and they have a front-loading feature that helps to conserve water.

Water-Filtration Systems

In every home, it is very important to have portable water (at the desired temperature) within easy reach. That is why condo developers have made efforts to take off the burden of lifting heavy recyclable multi-litre water bottles, when water coolers run dry. This is being achieved by installing water filtration systems that use reverse-osmosis technology. These systems are added to the kitchen sink and they have attractive chrome or black taps. They save a lot of valuable space and they eliminate the need to keep a stack of big water jugs. With this new design, residents can easily have access to cold or hot water at all times.

Gas Lines for Barbeque

Condo owners can now use their balconies and patios for barbeque and small family entertainment. The gas lines that are now being installed in most condos make it easy to connect modern barbeque grills and enjoy a nice family gathering in the evening.

Those are some of the condo appliances that being changed in-line with new trends in condo ownership. These appliances are being redesigned to suit the taste of new condo buyers and enhance comfort and convenience.

The Worst Day of the Year to Buy a Home: Why You Should Never Buy on this Day

Majority of home buyers decide to buy their houses in spring. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, buyers are excited that winter has just passed. Then the school year usually ends in spring so buyers want to move to a new home immediately school closes. Furthermore, there are more homes listed in spring. The list of reasons goes on and on.

So what is the worst day of the year to buy a home? Research has shown that it is the last Friday in the month of May. The major reason for this is not farfetched. A lot of home buyers eventually decide on the home they want in April. Then they make a purchase offer whose closing date is the terminal Friday in May. Consequently, there are hundreds or even thousands of deals to be closed on the same Friday in May. So why is this day the worst day of the year to buy a home? Here are a couple of reasons why you should avoid this date.

1. The Best Homes Sell at a Much Higher Price

If the property you want to buy is very appealing and it is situated in a desirable location, several other buyers will want to buy it. This will eventually lead to multiple offers. In order to beat the competition, a buyer could end up paying a lot more than they initially planned to pay.

2. You May Experience Delays in Closing

Pending sales and purchase offers usually reach their peak around April. This leads to a huge amount of deals to be closed in May. Real estate agents and realtors usually experience about three times their normal workload at this time. This can easily result in a backlog that will ultimately cause delays in closing.

3. Memorial Day Makes Processing Slower

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, several people go out of town to enjoy the long weekend. This could easily result in delay. Many times, your lender will not be able to process your loan documents as fast as they should. The fewer working days makes efficient service more difficult. So the processing of some files will be shifted to June. If you are unlucky, your file may be one of those kept till the next month.

4. You Could Pay More for a Delay in Closing

If you had applied for a 30 day loan, the rate will no longer be valid after 30 days. If the rate is increased, you will end up paying a higher interest rate. This will mean that you will pay a higher amount on your mortgage.

5. Your Movers Will Charge You More

Moving companies increase their fees during this period. As the demand rises, they try to take advantage of the higher demand and they raise the costs. But sometimes, the demand may be so high that you may not even get a moving company to hire. In fact, some popular movers will be booked till the end of July. Even new entrants into the moving industry will still charge much higher fees.